Senior Citizen's Center - Jena, LA

The Town of Jena Senior Citizen Center is located at 1850 N Second St., Suite B. The center brings together older adults who want to be engaged in their communities and with their peers and provides services that seniors need to be healthy, happy and as independent as they can be. The center offers a wide range of services and activities. You can have a meal, make friends, get fit, take a class, be creative, get a ride, get help, have fun, help others and more.

The Town of Jena Senior Center helps create an environment that encourages seniors to interact with others, get out of the house on a regular basis, and enjoy themselves. This can be an important element of a healthy aging-in-place strategy for an aging loved one.
    Jena, La - Senior Citizen Center
  • Monday-Friday, 7:00-10:00 early morning group meets for coffee and fellowship.
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 5:00-until Domino group
  • Thursday 12:30-5:00 Ladies Rook game
  • Friday night 6:00-10:00 Band plays music
To find the exact services, hours of operation, and qualifications, please contact the center directly at 318-992-4247.

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